kyuhyun ex-girlfriend(english)

i made it for foreign ^^, im sorry if my english still bad okay. enjoy it^^

but first : don’t too believe it  i dunno it is true or not okay! and



1. i dunno it’s real or not. coz, in korea there a lot of girl named haneul

2. in mini drama, kyuhyun say that his first love was die after his debut.

3. i dunno the girl photo is the real park haneul kyuhyun first love or not okay

it’s for our goodness okay and for indo-elf you can read this post with indo language at here

remember this picture? and remember who is the girl?

yeah that girl is park/choi haneul, kyuhyun ex-girlfriend

Name : 박하늘/ Park Haneul*someone say her family name is choi*
nickname : Kaoi / Kaka / Cacey
profession: dancer/artists
/student/ model
born:11 februari 1990
place of birth
: Rotterdam (Holland)
etnis : Korean
height : 166cm
zodiak : Aquarius
blood type: B

okay i dunno how to start it. so we can see at her profile(above) she’s an actress, yes that right but the true she is prospective artists. she is SM entertaiment student, she star traine at 2007 and we dunno when her will debut.

dan ada desas desus kalo unnie ntu di didik ama JYP, *what ever lah hehehe*and there is some issue that she’s JYP entertaiment student

kyu oppa and haneul just stay 3 years. they break up when kyuhyun oppa first debut. hmmm may be at 2006 or 2007

and the  foto (the kissing photo) take in 2006 with some note :

“Kyuhyun Oppa and I, the happy moments

and after they break up, haneul delete all of her photo with kyuhyun, all of photo

and there is some interview that say haneul onnie still love kyuhyun oppa. after break up haneul come back to holland, there is some photo when haneul at holland :



and a good news ^^ she got new boy friend

there a lot of video about them. and i got some information that she’s Lee Chi Hoon and B2ST DooJoon ex-girfriend.

haneul onnie is ulzzang (best face) and i heard that she have some contract with some company. and she’s a model now

there is some fact about her :

~Better known as Kaoi (嘉愛), her Chinese stage name, she is the only member of the crew who hails from Korea.

~She is known for her innocence and unique dancing skills (skillful in Ballet, HipHop, Jazz, Street).

~After years of training at the “Amsterdam Dance Academy” she was discovered in 2005 at the MKFY Audition Casting.

~However, it was not until late 2005 or early 2006 when she’s selected to be MKFY ~Dance-Crew 6th member. In 2002 she also stars in several HK commercials and series.

~Last year she became a Ulzzang (=best face) on the internet, thanks to her friends who shared her photos.

~Kaoi lives with her parents and 2 younger sisters in Holland (West-Europe).

~Although many people knows her name in Korea, in Holland she’s still a normal student.

~ Extra! Korea’s well-known BBoy “Gambler Crew” member SOULSOY is Kaoi’s cousin

~In May 2007 she will go to Korea and join SM Entertainment to become a trainee.


just it i know about her, i hpe u like it please comment ^^

special thanks for : chi@chidorihyunoppa.wordpress.com and haneul friend

photo by hanraera @13oppa.wp

by : hanraeera



53 Responses to “kyuhyun ex-girlfriend(english)”

  1. 15 November 2013 pukul 07:20

    banyak fans alay ya disini..(gk semua)
    artis jga manusia kali, mereka jga btuh privasi. kalo pun itu bner, harusnya kalian sneng dong brarti kyuhyun itu cowok normal yg suka sama cewe. no matter tu cewek bntuknya kya kaya apa…

  2. 29 April 2013 pukul 07:44

    What exactly are the chances of my girlfriend
    getting expecting within the pill?

  3. 10 Maret 2013 pukul 03:06

    Well…..I believe that Kyuhyun oppa had a Girlfriend BEFORE. Because I watch the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjelezWLgCA This is the link! Hmmm….. I think it’s her and I think it’s not her! Sooo I believe that kyuhyun oppa started dating when he was in Highschoool. 🙂

  4. 5 CHO saphireBlue
    4 Desember 2012 pukul 14:32

    Nonsense…this’s only just rumor,kyuhyun never talk abaut his ex GF “haneul”
    just rumor guys…
    SUJU oppa always said with us (ELF) don’t trust anything the rumour nonsense if they (SJ oppa) not confirm about the rumour is true or not…
    just trust SUJU oppa and ignore the rumour (sorry my bad english)

  5. 6 lismasari
    16 November 2012 pukul 07:25


  6. 21 Oktober 2012 pukul 10:17

    she’s really beautiful, i think if she was really dating kyuhyun oppa, i will felt good too, because kyuhyun oppa got a really beautiful girl 😀

  7. 8 priscilla eunike
    11 Agustus 2012 pukul 07:12

    huaaaaaa T-T………yang bener aja kyuhyun pernah pacaran sama park haneul…… gak terima!!!! kyuhyun punyaku…… awas ya haneul, kalo berani deketin kyuhyun lagi!!!

  8. 27 Juli 2012 pukul 14:21

    Hahahaha….you guys so funny, trust me the man in that pict wasn’t Kyu. His nose is different….come on guys. The only member who have a GF in Suju just Shindong oppa. The other member still focus on their carrier. I know how much you guys love them but for sure,one day they gonna need a woman to be their GF then be their Wife. So, let we just support them, whatever they’re doing. let we love them until the end. That the true fans…okay. Be a peace fans guys

    • 29 September 2012 pukul 16:21

      yeahh .. agree with you Min lau … they need woman then wife … and love from their couple … >,<

    • 21 Oktober 2012 pukul 10:04

      i like your comment min lau, your words is true, anyway, no matter how much we love them and we want to have them, but they have their own life to live, and we couldn’t forbide them to do anything. the only thing that we can do for them is only give our best support as their fans 😀
      really like your comment min lau

  9. 19 Juli 2012 pukul 11:18

    can i say something here? that girl’s name is choi haneul, and just for your information, if was true that she dated someone named kyu, but it wasn’t CHO KYUHYUN,but IM KYUHONG, whom is also an ulzzang just like her, but they’ve broken up now. and if you happened to google IM KYU HONG’s name, you can see a lot of his pictures with haneul. besides, those pictures weren’t posted on her twitter on something like that since she doesn’t has one. she posted them on her minihompy, which is very famous in south korea. i hope this clear things up =] btw, haneul is such a wonderfully nice girl and i never seen such an ulzzang like her. too bad, she didn’t get to appear in ulzzang shidae, or else i’d be rooting for her =D

  10. 13 Aisyah Zainal
    16 Juni 2012 pukul 11:44

    Do anyone knows Kyuhyun girlfriends now in 2012 ? Please reply as soon as possible .. I dont know whether that picture is true or not .. I dont even care .. As a Kyuhyun lovers, I have to let kyuhyun be happy with any girl that he picks .. AS LONG AS HE IS HAPPY ! if he’s happy, he’ll sing and dance more well .. and thats make KYUHYUN LOVERS happy too ! 🙂

    • 14 jennyjoy
      23 September 2012 pukul 06:17

      ne i agree with you… as a fan we should support our idol to their desicions as long as they will be happy and they are walking to a goo path.. 🙂

    • 21 Oktober 2012 pukul 10:08

      i dont know if jyuhyun has a gf, but he ever said that dated someone is not something to reveal/publish. i think he talked about that in a variety show, but i forgot what the name of that show

  11. 16 AN
    31 Mei 2012 pukul 12:41

    hm…he does look like kyuhyun-hyung from right side for about the first 3 seconds, but after i keep staring at it..he doesn’t look like kyuhyun-hyung anymore..

  12. 3 April 2012 pukul 03:19

    haneul,,,,,,,,, is,,,, the ugly girl…………!!!!!!!!!

  13. 18 goldzkie
    12 Maret 2012 pukul 13:59

    oh such bad comments just chill ev’body lets be nice for oppa’s kyuhyun’s sake let him be plss..

  14. 12 Desember 2011 pukul 19:10

    For your information , KyuhYun never had a girlfriend and he told us (me) that his first love was a girl who’s watch out for the bill counter in a hospital, and more, he though that girl will accept him but not, so he doesn’t trust to fate and hate to get a GF again.. he found that girl (his 1st love) in hospital when he wanted to pay his bill , he got an accident on a road .. Then he asked that girl for a phone number but that girl told him that she’s already had a GF .. and KyuhYun got know that she’s lying .. and he also got know that girl is anti fan of KyuhYun because she love EUNHYUK ! Also from SUPER JUNIOR !

    • 20 amira
      16 Juni 2012 pukul 11:26

      “For your information , KyuhYun never had a girlfriend and he told us (me)” -> what do you mean by this sentence ..? How can a super junior personnel that is very famous told you abt his first love o.O …? Youre just a fans.. I dont think Kyuhyun want to tell his fans abt his privacy …. no common sense ..

  15. 19 November 2011 pukul 12:26

    park haneeeuuul !
    aku engga suka foto itu !
    muka rombeng gilingan aspaaaaal !
    lama lama gue tempol juga elu pake duren abah ! *rebut kyu . #sodor samurai ke muka hanneul !

  16. 19 November 2011 pukul 12:24

    park hanneeeeeuuuuuuulll !!
    aku enggaaa suka dengan semua ini ! muka rombeng gilingan aspaaaaal !
    lama lama gue tempol juga elu pake duren abah !

  17. 11 Oktober 2011 pukul 05:06

    Awwwwww… i feel kinda sad about his like it broke my heart, don’t hate people cuz it’s a 1,000,000 chance you’ll meet KyuHyun and a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance he’ll like you, and almost no chance he would ask you out. lets be serious here people : /

    • 24 Aisyah Zainal
      16 Juni 2012 pukul 11:31

      I agree with you .. Kyuhyun is a famous person .. I dont think he will ask me out cause Im nothing to him .. we are nothing to him just as a Fans .. Its impossible for him to ask all his fans out right ?

  18. 25 unknownwn
    19 September 2011 pukul 01:09

    I hate her,how could Ky Hyun like her???
    😦 …………………..

  19. 26 livi_park
    3 September 2011 pukul 15:24

    No! Kyuhyunnie… Hix! Đừng mà! Hyunnie!

  20. 6 Agustus 2011 pukul 14:29

    aduh saeng. saran eonni, mendingan cari pacar atau calon istri org indoneia aja. anak eonni yang paling besar ngefans bgt sama kamu, jd mantu eonni jg boleh.hahahahahahah…………………….jgn marah ya para sparkyu….

  21. 9 Juli 2011 pukul 04:58

    cuma ex (tapi tetep nangis T.T)

  22. 29 erika
    24 Maret 2011 pukul 19:41

    She’s an attention seeker. She shouldnt have posted that pic on twitter considering that kyu isnt an unknown face now.

    • 30 하루Z
      5 Agustus 2011 pukul 21:10

      She didn’t post this on twitter, where did you get that. lmao. Please read, this is old and posted before his debut. Like normal couples who post their pictures online..

  23. 31 Emily
    21 Maret 2011 pukul 15:53

    Woah! What a cute girl TT !

  24. 20 Maret 2011 pukul 06:40

    i dont think the picture is true.Can i give an advice to that girl who posted the picture?Please avoid day dreaming,ok? because that might lead you to have a mental problem…

    • 33 하루Z
      5 Agustus 2011 pukul 21:12

      Maybe you’re the one dreaming? As if Kyu and other idols never have girlfriends. Wake up please, you may upset the sane fans. lol

  25. 34 jjjellyful
    19 Maret 2011 pukul 05:08

    Dig a hole and die in it BITCH! And i don’t wanna know what classified shit went into that plastic face. Looks like somebody overused their plastic surgeon…
    She’s an EX for a reason. Guys like kyu aren’t stupid, they can see a fugly fake b***h when they meet one. Waste of SM’s time cause she’ll only be remembered as the cunt that dated Kyuhyun and didn’t have the face to debut. Not neccessarily a hater of Park Haneul but definitly a hater of fake b***hes that only uses celebrity guys.

    • 35 하루Z
      5 Agustus 2011 pukul 21:07

      You sound really jealous. you think its okay to tell someone to kill themselves? You don’t even know her… Try to keep your close-minded and blind hate to yourself, thanks.

      Btw, if this is true they dated before he was even a trainee; she’s 15-16 in these photos.

  26. 37 kyukyu
    15 September 2010 pukul 09:29

    so,the kiss pic’s caption is “Kyuhyun Oppa and I, the happy moments”!!so.obviously it’s
    kyuhyun oppa…ouch!can u hear that?..my heart is breaking into
    tiny pieces…it’s not just a picture,it is a KISSING picture..*died*

    • 38 anjhelmaknae-03
      23 September 2012 pukul 06:26

      a piece o advice,,,, dont believe so easily… that might just fan made staement… even me im a gamer person but i dont believe does thing so easily.. :-)… lets confirm it fisrt…

    25 Agustus 2010 pukul 11:46

    i hope the picture and all the information is not true

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    25 Juni 2010 pukul 03:22

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  29. 42 clau♥angelteuk
    24 Juni 2010 pukul 06:50

    whoa, beautiful ..

  30. 43 youu
    23 Juni 2010 pukul 15:21

    who takes pictures of themselves kissing?

  31. 46 seabreeze
    23 Juni 2010 pukul 13:40

    Luckily she was his EX

  32. 20 Juni 2010 pukul 19:31

    why don’t I know anything
    I cried
    Kyu is mine
    It hurts me alot

    thank you for sharing

  33. 48 haena
    16 Juni 2010 pukul 18:57

    sakit hati saya..TT

  34. 15 Juni 2010 pukul 06:20

    thanks a lot for all information….

    nice to visit your blog…

    please visit my blog…

    see you…

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